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XPlus works with its client-partners to develop, design and customize the most cost-efficient and practical mobile solution to increase the productivity of its mobile workforce and assets in the field.

Track and Trace Platform

The mobile app uses the smartphone’s and tablet’s GPS technology to automatically transmit location and journey data to the XCS web-based service management system. It can also capture and push the location to our server every time the mobile worker does an activity e.g. times in or out, books a sales order, collects, acquires a customer signature, etc. The system then displays this “live” location data on our Google Map interface, with a supporting suite of journey reports which can be exported to MS Excel.

Account Mapping

It converts an address or place name into longitude and latitude coordinates, creating points of interest (POI) e.g. customers, suppliers, buildings. These POIs are marked in Google maps allowing for easy and simple searching of individual customers, navigation to POIs using third party navigation software e.g. Open Source Map and Navigation Device (OSMAND), and geofencing. Geofencing creates virtual boundaries wherein zones can be set up with corresponding notifications via SMS or email to interested parties. It can be deployed to monitor salespersons (company vehicle fleets) wherein when an agent (company vehicle) entered or left the zone it was assigned to, designated recipients-owners and managers- would be notified.

Sales Force Applications

Configurable, feature-packed high-performance mobile applications that automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing and tracking, contact management, inventory monitoring and control, settlement of order payments, customer management, and performance evaluation. Our mobile solution maximizes the efficiency of repeatable processes a mobile employee typically performs and allows field personnel, especially lone workers, to report road events (e.g. flat tire) and to communicate with office and co-workers via text and voice calls.

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